Written Interview with Kamran Khan


Self intro:

Dr. M. Kamran Khan did his master’s in chemistry from Kohat University of Science & Technology, Pakistan. He got his doctorate in Biochemical Engineering from Institute of Process Engineering, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing China. Dr. Khan worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Tsinghua University, Beijing China.

Q: When do you join OSCAR? What promote you to make the decision to join OSCAR here in Suzhou?

I Joined OSCAR in September 2019 as a research scientist in surface functionalization Chemistry group, led by Prof. Mark Moloney. After my Doctorate I had two dreams, to live in a peaceful place and to work at a prestigious institute. Working with University of Oxford and living in the city of Heaven, Suzhou, OSCAR completed my dreams.     

Q:  What is your research project and how is it progressing? Have you participated in any academic conferences?

I work on developing functional materials using novel polymerization process for engineering and biomedical applications. We are also working on blending polymers with graphene for possible applications in biosensors and wastewater treatment. Because of the well-equipped labs at OSCAR I started my research very soon after joining OSCAR, and most possibly we will publish our data in the next eight months.

We are starting a collaboration with Department of Chemistry, Xian-Jiaotong Liverpool University and others from China, UK, US and Canada are contacting us for possible collaboration.   

OSCAR link me to the world-renowned scientist via conferences and meetings. In a couple of months, I participated in three conferences “InnoFest Suzhou”, “China-Australia High-End Forum” and “ChinNano Suzhou”.     

Q: What is your short-term and long-term research plan and aims at OSCAR?

For the time being I want to fabricate advance functional materials using very common raw materials like rubber, cellulose and plastic, via our advance functionalization techniques. Looking Further into the future, my goal at OSCAR is to apply our functional materials for solving real problems like water purification, CO2 capture, antibacterial bioproducts at industrial scale. Suzhou Industrial Park is an ideal place to fulfill my future goals via applying our lab research at industrial level.

Q: How is your life at OSCAR and in Suzhou?

OSCAR is a best place for young scientist like me, as one can work independently while still benefit from the great Ideas of professors at Oxford. As we have Physical, Biological and mathematical groups in OSCAR, it’s a great opportunity to solve great scientific problems in an easy way via inter collaboration. OSCAR admin team is fantastic, they facilitated me with every possible way regarding my research as well personal life.

As the famous saying goes, “At heaven there is paradise and on earth there is Suzhou”, the life at Suzhou is fabulous. One can skip from the busy week to enjoy weekend at the banks of a vast number of lakes, big parks or you can even do shopping at the well-developed city center.

Q: Any others you would like to share?

I have been for 6 years in china; I have a Chinese wife and a Chinese son too. I visited many places in china, but I found Suzhou one the most beautiful place to live. Working at OSCAR is a great opportunity to do science with great scientist from University of Oxford and apply it in the great industries of china.