Environment and Biotechnology


Principal Investigators



Ian Thompson

Professor of Engineering Science, University of Oxford



Wei Huang

Professor of Biological Engineering, University of Oxford

The research interests of this group include molecular diagnostics, development of biotechnologies for controlling antibiotic-resistant bacteria and single cell Raman technology. Specifically, Prof. Wei Huang is the director of Innovation and Technology Centre (ITC) for molecular diagnostics in OSCAR, aiming at creating an interface platform of biotechnology. Advanced science and technology will be applied including novel nucleic acid amplification, small molecule detection and antigen/antibody interactions, microfluidic device, and single cell Raman phenotypic profiling.





Jeremy Robertson

Professor of Organic Chemistry, University of Oxford


luet wong

Luet Wong

Professor of Inorganic Chemistry, University of Oxford

Professor Wong and Professor Robertson specialise in the modification of enzymes so that they achieve chemical reactions that are difficult or impossible using conventional chemical reagents. These transformations are of potential importance to the industrial production of pharmaceuticals and fine chemicals.







wang yun

Dr. Wang Yun/ Prof Wei Huang’s group

Dr. Wang focuses on molecular diagnostics and single cell Raman biotechnology at OSCAR. Specifically, her research interests include development of novel nucleic acid diagnostic technologies, small molecule detection and single cell Raman platform, which can be applied for medical diagnostics, antimicrobial resistance study and environmental bioremediation.



Senior Research Scientist



cao yang

Dr. Cao Yang/ Prof Luet Wong’s group

Dr. Cao joined Professor Luet Wong’s group in 2012 to work on engineering the cytochrome P450BM3 enzyme to oxidise organic molecules that are not substrates for the wild type enzyme. This research is aimed at the synthesis of complex natural compound and their derivatives via biotransformation and to develop sustainable and environmentally friendly production processes.





Dr. Xiong Ziyue/Prof.Jeremy Robertson's group

Dr. Xiong joined the Prof. Jeremy Robertson group at OSCAR on Jan 2020. She obtained her PhD degree from Queen’s University Belfast with Prof. Karl J Hale (UK, 2017). Subsequently, she started a postdoctoral fellowship in Prof. Thomas Wirth group at Cardiff University (UK, 2017-2020). In OSCAR, she is working on the applications of C-H hydroxylating enzymes in a variety of synthetic chemistry, especially, the total synthesis of natural products. Her research interests include enzymatic organic synthesis, natural products synthesis, and organic electrochemistry.




Research Scientist



Dr. Avinash.Pandreka / Prof Luet Wong’s group

Avinash received his PhD in biological sciences from AcSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology, India. His PhD work was focused on elucidating the biosynthesis of limonoids in neem and metabolic engineering in yeast. He joined in Oxford Suzhou Centre for Advanced Research in August 2019 as Research Scientist in Professor Luet Wong’s group. His research work is mainly focused on metabolic engineering of microbial acetyl CoA and isoprene unit biosynthesis to increase the production of terpenoids. Engineering of terpene synthases and cytochrome P450 systems to increase their efficiency and selectivity towards the terpenoid biosynthesis. His research interests include elucidating the diversity of secondary metabolites and their application.


zhang xin xin

Dr. Zhang  Xinxin / Prof. Jeremy Robertson’s group

Xinxin Zhang joined OSCAR in March 2022 as a Research Scientist in Prof. Jeremy Robertson’s group. She is expected to receive her DPhil degree in 2022 from the University of Oxford. The focus during her DPhil study was on the usage of P450 mutants as general oxidation catalysts during target molecule synthesis. Her main focus here in OSCAR will be adopting P450 mutants for the oxidations of small molecules and their further functionalisation. Her work will involve the investigation of the P450-mediated oxidation profiles of spirocycles and the building of a functionalised molecule library alongside with her co-workers.





Research Technician 



gao yu

Gao Yu/Prof. Ian Thompson’s group

Yu Gao joined OSCAR on September 1st, 2021, as a Research Technician in Prof. Ian Thompson’s group. In 2020, he graduated from Wuhan Institute of Technology with a master’s degree in Engineering. During his master's study, he was engaged in the preparation of carbon nanomaterials as the anode materials for microbial fuel cells using biomass waste as a precursor, converting chemical energy in wastewater into electrical energy by use of microorganisms.

Yu Gao has one year’s industry experience in membrane biotechnology. He joined OriginWater membrane company as a research and development project leader in 2020. There, he participated in the development of a new electrochemical method for sterilization and disinfection to improve the safety of drinking water. He also gained mastery of the basic operations of bacteria cultivation and counting.


song hai yan

Song Haiyan / Prof. Ian Thompson’s group

Haiyan Song joined OSCAR in July 2022 as a Research Technician in Prof. Ian Thompson’s group. She achieved her master’s degree in 2022 at the University of Science and Technology Beijing. During her master's degree, she focused on the preparation of microbial, molecular biological and biocatalysts for catalysis and regeneration. At OSCAR, Haiyan Song will be working on research related to the biological treatment of wastewater.



Research Assistant


zheng jian zhao 1

Ji Mengmeng / Prof Wei Huang’s group

Ji Mengmeng’s research interests are development of environmental biotechnology, construction and test of small molecule detection tools, and improvement in OSCAR. Meanwhile, she is responsible for daily maintenance of the biotechnology and single cell biology group.





ji xiang lin



Ji Xianglin / Prof Wei Huang’s group

Ji Xianglin’s research interests include development of molecular diagnostic approaches and equipment for infectious disease detection and early cancer detection.




zhang lin fang



Zhang Linfang

Zhang Linfang’s research interests include single cell Raman technology for antimicrobial resistance study and metagenomics analysis of gut microbiome. She graduated from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.




feng lin xue


Feng Linxue

Linxue Feng joined OSCAR on July 1st as a Research Assistant in Prof. Luet Wong’s group after receiving her master’s degree in sugar engineering from Jiangnan University. During her graduate years, Linxue studied biocatalyst based on molecular biology.



zhang xiao ning

Zhang Xiaoning

Research Assistant in Prof. Jeremy Robertson’s group

Xiaoning Zhang joined OSCAR in May 2022 as a Research Assistant in Organic Synthesis in Prof. Jeremy Robertson’s group. She obtained her master’s degree in 2018 from Hebei University of Technology. She was previously engaged in FDA registration of medical devices and research into organic synthesis catalyzed by transition metals. At OSCAR, she will work with research scientists on the selective oxidation of organic compounds using engineered variants of cytochrome P450 enzymes. The research finds applications in the synthesis of high-value intermediates and active ingredients for the agrochemical and pharmaceutical industries.



Laboratory Manager



Xia Baolong

Xia Baolong has 15 years of chemical lab work experience. In chemical method analysis and research, laboratory management, the use and maintenance of various equipment, laboratory consumable and reagents procurement have a wealth of experience. He will be actively involved in supporting the research and development team.