"OSCAR offers an exciting new frontier for the University of Oxford to develop and showcase its research excellence in physical and engineering sciences, with a dedicated Centre in a unique, globally-focused environment.


Situating laboratories in the impressive Suzhou Industrial Park will enable Oxford academics to strengthen existing partnerships and form new links with the myriad academies and companies based in the area, benefitting their research programmes and advancing technologies closer to market. Through these partnerships, OSCAR can develop solutions that will help to address important challenges faced not only by the UK and China, but across the globe.


By locating a significant body of research activity in Suzhou, OSCAR will also provide an important window for citizens of South East Asia to better understand the true nature of Oxford’s research mission."


Prof Zhanfeng Cui


Founding Director of OSCAR


What is OSCAR?

The Oxford Suzhou Center for Advanced Research (OSCAR) will be the University of Oxford's first overseas centre for physical science and engineering research, primarily expanding on activities from across the University's Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division

OSCAR was established initially with a grant from Suzhou Industrial Park, where many strategic benefits are offered to Oxford's research mission through access, to state-of-the-art facilities, a research environment enriched by numerous universities and Chinese Academy Institutes, and a substantial company base.

Initial research programmes will be led by groups from the Oxford departments of Engineering, Physics, Chemistry and Materials, with applications ranging from health informatics, tissue engineering and biomedical imaging techniques to environmental remediation, advanced materials and electronic devices.

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