Biomedical Engineering and Healthcare


Principal Investigators





Zhanfeng Cui

FREng, Donald Pollock Professor of Chemical Engineering, University of Oxford

Director of Strategic Projects, China Mathematics, Physical and Life Sciences Division

Director, JITRI IMPACT Institute at Oxford University


cathy ye




Cathy Ye

Associate Professor in Engineering Science, University of Oxford


Professor Cui and Professor Ye specialise in enabling technologies for tissue engineering and stem cell technology, such as the development of bioreactor technologies to enable bone, cartilage, tendon and skin culture to grow. A further area of interest is the study of the technology and science in cryopreservation and vitrification to preserve living cells and engineered tissues.



ron roy




Ronald Roy

Chair of Mechanical Engineering, associate Head of Department (research) in the Dept. of Engineering Science in Oxford Universityvice President of the Acoustical Society of America

Professor Roy conducts research into physical acoustics, the study of the generation, propagation and detection of acoustic waves, as well as the interactions of sound with matter.






David Clifton

Professor of Clinical Machine Learning, University of Oxford

Professor Clifton focuses on the development of AI for healthcare applications. Clifton’s lab at OSCAR will develop novel “smart” healthcare technologies, involving Chinese hospital partners and Chinese technology firms.




Senior Research Scientist


hui wang




Dr Wang Hui/ Prof Zhanfeng Cui and Prof Cathy Ye’s group

Dr Wang joined OSCAR in 2017 as a Senior Research Fellow working with Professors Cui and Ye. He gained his Bachelor and M.Sc in plant physiology and biochemistry from the Beijing Agricultural University in 1987 and 1990, and his D.Phil in virology from St. Cross College at the University of Oxford in 1996. Current research interests include genomics applications in human stem cell engineering.






Dr. Jia Huidong / Prof Cathy Ye’s group

MD, PhD in stem cell biology with cross-discipline experience in clinical medicine, biomedicine and clinical application of life technology, working on cell therapy, tissues/organs engineering and regenerative medicine.


wei xin tu pian



Dr Yang Yang/ Prof David Clifton’s group

Dr Yang has initiated the Computational Health Informatics (CHI) Lab’s research programme at OSCAR which will focus on developing novel ‘smart’ healthcare technologies, including patient-safety and monitoring systems. Her research interests include signal processing, machine condition monitoring and fault diagnosis.



Catriona Inverarity/Executive Assistant to the Director and Senior Research Manager

Catriona joined OSCAR in December 2019. After receiving her BEng in Biomaterials Science from the University of Sheffield she went on to work as a research scientist in New Product Development before returning to academia. Alongside her PhD Catriona also worked at Oxford Mestar, a spin-out of the University of Oxford, as a product engineer. She is now completing her thesis with The Open University in skin tissue engineering; an international collaborative project to develop a bio-intelligent scaffold material for skin regeneration. She has experience with design and development of medical devices from lab to pilot plant; regulatory approval (FDA; CE) and IP protection as well as conventional academic research and presentation. At OSCAR Catriona will continue her research in skin tissue and engineering and will also be liaising with the Oxford- and Suzhou- based researchers, as well as potential collaborators, to help ensure the continued growth and success of OSCAR.




        Research Scientist


wei xin tu pian



Dr Liu Weizhi/ Prof Cathy Ye’s group

Dr Liu received his PhD degree in Materials Science at Queen Mary University of London in 2014, before joining Oxford MEStar as project manager from 2014 to 2017. He joined OSCAR in 2018. Current research interests include Biomaterials, 3D Bioprinting and Development of Automatic Cell Expansion System.







Dr Gert Mertes / Prof David Clifton’s group

Gert Mertes received his PhD in Engineering Technology at KU Leuven Belgium and joined OSCAR in 2019. His previous research focused on sensor technology and machine learning models for the monitoring of food intake behavior in older adults via wearable devices and environmental sensors. His research interests include machine learning for healthcare, biomedical signal processing, wearable devices, and remote patient monitoring.





Dr. Zhangdaihong Liu / Prof David Clifton’s group

Zhangdaihong (Jessie) Liu undertook her PhD at the Mathematics for Real-World Systems CDT at University of Warwick. During this time, she was also a visiting PhD student at the Big Data Institute, University of Oxford, and a PhD enrichment student at the Alan Turing Institute. Prior to this, she obtained an MSc in Mathematics of Systems from Warwick University, an MSc in Mathematical Finance at Loughborough University, and a BSc in Mathematics at Shandong University, China.

Her PhD thesis entitled ‘Latent Variable Modelling of Population Neuroimaging and Behavioural Data’ focused on the development of a dimension reduction method that improves the interpretability of latent variable models applied to health-related datasets. Her research also involved uncovering latent patterns between neuroimaging, behavioural and demographic measures, as well as the application of various large dataset processing techniques.

Jessie’s research interests also include predictive modelling, feature extractions, recommender systems, deep learning and reproducible research.




      Research Technician



binbin li

Li Binbin/ Prof Zhanfeng Cui’s group

Binbin Li, as Research Technician, joined the Tissue Engineering Group led by Prof Cui and Prof Ye in September 2018. She graduated from Clinical Veterinary Department of Huazhong Agricultural University as graduate student in 2014. Since graduation, she worked in Animal Husbandry Bureau of Dangyang City and as director of the Animal Husbandry Technology Promotion Station in 2016. Then she worked as a research assistant in the Preventive Veterinary Laboratory of Huazhong Agricultural University in 2016 and 2017, mainly worked on the detection and analysis of swine epidemiology according to the needs of the project. Before joining in OSCAR, she serviced as a Global Safety Data Management Specialist for Pfizer (Wuhan) R&D Center, where she encompasses adverse event review and submitted reports according to appropriate Regulatory Authority requirement. Current research project would be the gene expression patterns of human mesenchymal stem cells in different culturing conditions.







Zhu Jiachen/ Prof Cathy Ye’s group

Jiachen Zhu received the master's degree from Soochow University in July 2019 and joined OSCAR. Her research focuses on the development of silk protein micropattern biomaterials. The main work now is about  the differences in gene expression  of stem cells on the  different surfaces of biomaterials.







Zeng Yida/ Prof Zhanfeng Cui’s group

Zeng yida received his bachelor degree in Biochemistry from Imperial College London in 2009. Have worked with GMP grade cell therapy for five years. Currently interested in the characterisation of mesenchymal stem cells.